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heyday deliveries

Branding, logo design, web design, vehicle wrap design, apparel design, etc.

heyday deliveries is a courier service and bulk delivery transportation company based out of Ellington, CT. The client approached me with the desire to start a transportation business focused on customer experience and the quality of service one might have expected from the milkmen of yesteryear. Many assume that the term heyday implies a past period of glory, but it's actually just the period of a person or thing's greatest success. Further, heyday is a synonym for prime, a term linked to a large and impersonal delivery business.

In addition to designing the heyday logo and sublogo, I developed all of their branding and built out their website in its entirety. I worked with the client to design eye-catching apparel for employees and clients alike, and even assisted in the setup of email boxes, customer scheduling system, and delivery tracking software. Central to the business, I also designed the vinyl wraps for the fleet of heyday vehicles. 



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