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community housing advocates

Annual appeal, social media management, print material design, event marketing, etc.

community housing advocates (CHA) is comprised of Mercy Housing & Shelter Corporation and My Sisters' Place, two of the largest providers of services for persons experiencing homelessness in the Hartford, CT area. As nonprofit organizations relying on the support of donors, it was crucial for CHA to optimize its presence on social media to better publicize their mission of ensuring basic needs are met for everyone.

I worked with CHA from start-to-finish to map out their annual appeal campaigns and design every piece of printed material included in the mailing. Additionally, I have been working since May 2021 to develop a more robust social media strategy for both Mercy and My Sisters' Place, creating engaging and thoughtful content to drive greater support for each organization. I was also actively involved in the branding and marketing of the Community Housing Advocates Hope & Home Celebration event, which is a large gala in the fall to benefit the organizations under the CHA umbrella. 


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