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over the top exteriors

Logo design

Over the Top Exteriors had recently commissioned a logo for their new company, but they wanted something that would stand out. As a home siding and construction firm, they planned to gain attention from placing lawn signs outside of homes they worked on, and needed their logo to be bold, legible, clean, and illustrative of their work. 

Using Gotham, which is popular among elected officials and therefore commonly used for lawn signs, a new logo was created to check all of the boxes desired by Over the Top Exteriors- and them some. Since the company colors are black, white, and grey, it made sense to keep things simple. At the company's request, an alternate logo was created in grey and white, which appears fresh, modern, and unique  in a business often dominated by family names across a small town.

Every company deserves to love their logo, especially when they're just getting started. 


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