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Designing an annual appeal that delivers donations- and redefines a legacy of service


Community Housing Advocates is comprised of Mercy Housing & Shelter Corporation and My Sisters' Place, two of the largest providers of services for persons experiencing homelessness in the Hartford, CT area. These nonprofit organizations rely annually on the support of donors during their annual appeal, which is distributed via mail to residents of the Greater Hartford area. Prior to 2021, both organizations had been using traditional mailing methods, and lacked both a cohesive narrative for their appeals and a visual identity for either organization.


I worked with the Director of Development to craft campaigns highlighting the work that each organization was championing as the COVID-19 pandemic progressed. I ran editorial for both appeals, directing an on-site photo shoot and developing the copy for all of the printed materials. Working with each organization's logo, I expanded their color palette and produced modern, approachable pieces that helped the organizations level up with other nonprofits in the area. Furthermore, I developed social media graphics that mirrored the timeline of the appeal, taking the organization's annual appeal fundraising efforts to Facebook for the first time.


Both agencies were successful in meeting their annual fundraising goals, and the annual appeals served as a soft rebrand for each organization. This project debuted updated looks for both Mercy and My Sisters' Place, positioning them as anchors in their space- carrying out missions worthy of high quality presentation.


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