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Repackaging a set of outdoor murals as a destination for tourists- and a place to call home.


The Blairs Mural Festival is a collection of large-scale murals that adorn the buildings around The Blairs, a mixed-use residential and commercial community in Silver Spring, MD. In 2020, The Tower Companies held an open call for submissions from mural artists, and 8 talented and inspirational artists were selected to participate in the festival. The festival website was designed to attract potential artists and publicize the unveiling of the murals, but when the event ended it did not effectively promote the art or provide information on the artwork in an accessible format.


Working with the client, I redesigned the website in its entirety, simplifying the look and feel in order to draw greater attention to the mural imagery. The Blairs Mural Festival did not have a defined brand, so I adapted the logo and branding from the residential development to represent the festival specifically. Since the goal was to make the information on the art easy to access, both on-site and from home, I developed a user-friendly tour that offers the narrative in both English and Spanish. I also designed signage for each stop on the tour, which will direct individuals in the area to participate in the Blairs Mural Festival.


The Blairs now has a user-friendly, visually appealing website that honors their celebration of the arts and makes the experience more accessible for members of the community. Users can listen to the tour in two languages, learn about the mural artists, and also get information on residential opportunities at The Blairs.


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