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Building and launching a delivery business defined by old school values- and an aesthetic to prove it.


In the age of Amazon, small businesses need more than a value proposition and community support. I was approached by Michael G., who was dissatisfied with the state of regional delivery services and wanted to develop a company that prioritized people and exceeded customer expectations. Michael described a desire to emulate the quality of service expected by the neighborhood milkman of yesteryear, while showcasing a commitment to tech solutions that put the customer in control of their deliveries. When he approached me, the business was in need of a name, branding elements, a website, apparel, and social media content.


Many assume that the term heyday implies a past period of glory, but it's actually just the period of a person or thing's greatest success. When I pitched it as the company's name, the vintage inspired branding felt natural. Further, heyday is a synonym for prime, a term linked to a large and, arguably, impersonal delivery business.

In addition to designing heyday's logo and sublogo, I developed all of their brand assets and built out their website in its entirety. I worked with the client to design eye-catching apparel for employees and clients alike, and even assisted in the setup of email boxes, customer scheduling system, and delivery tracking software. Central to the business, I also designed the vinyl wraps for the fleet of heyday vehicles. Since the launch of the brand, I have also been the designer for all social media graphics on the heyday Instagram account.


heyday has not only put the client in control of their deliveries, but it has become a relationship building tool centered around a love for its approachable, nostalgic brand. The trucks, apparel, and graphics have gained attention and respect, for no other delivery business has committed to a signature look that brings form to its founding principles. As the company continues to grow, it's delivering a friendly and customer focused experience- succeeding in ways that only a nimble, local company can.


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